Words by Heart: Prefixes/Suffixes Activity

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This lesson is so beneficial it makes any teacher's heart skip a beat! After readers identify words from Words by Heart, they break down unknown vocabulary with a handout detailing various prefixes and suffixes. Once they finish examining their unknown vocabulary words, they practice using the words in their own writing. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have wordsmiths create a word wall in the classroom and use it to teach vocabulary throughout the entire unit
  • Create a class quizlet deck of all vocabulary words using prefixes and suffixes
Classroom Considerations
  • To avoid class distractions and promote individual work, consider arranging your room in rows
  • Includes a helpful handout that details prefixes and suffixes as well as space to practice newly identified words in writing
  • Provides graphic organizers to help learners make sense of unknown vocabulary words
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