Word Work: Blends, Digraphs & Trigraphs

Practice thirty-three different consonant blends, digraphs, and trigraphs with your emergent readers! Each letter combination has its own column in which you and your learners can write down five different words that demonstrate the listed blend, trigraph, or digraph.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • To start, work together as a class to come up with one example for each column and then direct pupils to add to their lists over the course a few days
  • Break the worksheets up over several days, focusing on a different type (digraph, blend, etc.) each of those days
Classroom Considerations
  • Although the font is cute, it's actually a bit difficult to read, and young readers may struggle a bit
  • There are plenty of letter combinations to study, and plenty of space in which pupils can add to their lists
  • None