Woodrow The White House Mouse

This Woodrow The White House Mouse lesson plan also includes:

Inauguration Day is January 20. Implement an entire week's worth of mini activities to help young historians become knowledgeable of the President's job, the executive branch, and the White House. The worksheets focus on research skills, matching, true or false, and fill in the blank.  

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use pages 7–13 as stand alone worksheets to distribute during the week of Inauguration Day, making up your own activites
Classroom Considerations
  • Check out presidential biography books from the library, or reserve time in the computer lab to conduct research for the activities
  • Assumes individuals have prior knowledge of past and presidents elect; otherwise, research to obtain the information is required
  • The reading of Woodrow, the White House Mouse is suggested but not required
  • Offers activity ideas for each of the worksheets
  • Promotes research
  • Activities are very basic; consider making up your own to go with the worksheets