Women in Science: A Timeline

This Women in Science: A Timeline website also includes:

Scroll down an engaging webpage to discover a plethora of women whose contributions shaped the science world from 1865 to today. Science enthusiasts follow a red guideline to read brief blurbs, watch videos, and examine photographs.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Perform a jigsaw to cover the entire webpage—divide the class into groups, assign them a year to examine, then share their findings with their peers
  • Challenge pupils to choose one scientist from the list to research and report on to the class
  • Gather a collection of books covering the scientist or research topics for pupils to browse when they complete tasks early
Classroom Considerations
  • The page provides information about their work into the heart and circulatory diseases
  • The page moves using a mouse or arrow keys
  • Contains eye-catching graphics
  • None