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Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

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It's a question economists, anthropologists, and sociologists have asked themselves since the first regional lines were drawn in the sand. Are there common factors that destine one country to thrive and another to struggle? An informative video attributes the challenge of poor countries to factors such as institutional corruption, political religion, lack of cold weather, and the Tsetse fly.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Send the video home for learners to view before returning to class for an informed discussion
  • Assign each of the 20 poorest countries mentioned in the video to individuals or pairs for an economic research project
Classroom Considerations
  • Assessment questions begin once the video ends; to return to a full-screen video, refresh the page
  • Video is nearly 9 minutes long
  • Narrative structure serves as a great model for middle and high school research papers, as the thesis statement is clear and points are divided into three categories
  • Explores a complex concept in a straightforward way
  • Conclusion makes an effective call to action to those living in wealthier countries
  • Makes a few unsupported generalizations and claims
  • Does not acknowledge the history of global colonialization and imperialism