Why Do Americans Not Vote in Elections?

This Why Do Americans Not Vote in Elections? lesson plan also includes:

In an age of inflamed politics, who votes, who doesn't vote, and why are the questions everyone is trying to answer. Pupils listen to scholars, journalists and data crunchers on voting statistics to make their own conclusions. A chart helps them consider the reasons and solutions to the problem of lower voter turnout. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Identify why voters don't go to the polls with an analysis chart
  • Develop strategies using prompts to get more people to vote in the coming presidential election
Classroom Considerations
  • Students must be able to see clips on a device to complete the chart
  • Chart prompts class members to use critical thinking to consider solutions to problems
  • Video clips are well curated and easy to use on a technical subject
  • None