Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

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Despite what some may think, being right- or left-handed isn't a conscious choice people make. Watch this short video to find out exactly what determines a person's dominant hand, and how the cooperative and competitive nature of humans has influenced the evolution of this trait.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include a showing of this video in a life science lesson series on genetic traits
  • Have students conduct conduct surveys to see if the distribution of left-handed people at your school matches the data shown in the video
  • Follow up this lesson is an investigation into the distributions of other genetic traits
  • Assign this video and assessment as homework in your flipped classroom
  • Engaging animations capture the attention of viewers and support the needs of visual learners
  • Teachers are able to design their own customized lesson based on the content of the video
  • Video comes with a short assessment with five multiple choice and three free-response questions
  • None