Where Do You Put a Wind Farm?

This Where Do You Put a Wind Farm? lesson plan also includes:

This is not your ordinary farm! Using a case study, small groups study two proposed locations for a wind farm. After researching all the information about the sites, the groups choose a site. Each team member writes up the proposal defending their choice. This is activity 18 in a 19-part series.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Instruct groups to come up with their own decision matrices to score the sites
  • Have groups develop a presentation that will be used to promote their site choice to the community
Classroom Considerations

  • Print the site packets in color

  • The case study sets the stage of what a company must do to choose a site
  • There is more than one correct answer; it is based upon the groups' interpretations of the information provided

  • No scoring rubric or suggestions are provided to grade the essay