What's My Purpose In This Life? Intro To Cell Theory/Organelles

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Why are we here? Well, if you happen to be a Golgi body, the answer is simple! Young biologists embark upon a journey through the tiny world of cellular organelles with an engaging lesson from the K20 Center. The activities open with an inspiring look at assembly lines and culminate in pupils relating each organelle to its specific task.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make the lesson your opener for learning about cellular organelles
  • There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Give small rewards for the teams that complete the most Hershey Kisses during the Explore activity
Classroom Considerations
  • The activities are designed for learners with little or no prior knowledge of cellular organelles
  • The student-created flipbooks are innovative and a refreshing change from standard introductory lessons
  • Assembly-line theme of the lesson drives home the point of cell structures and functions
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