Lesson Plan

What's a CTD?

Why are the properties of the water important when exploring the ocean? Young scientists discover the tools and technology used in deep sea exploration in the fourth installment in a five-part series. Groups work together to examine properties such as density and salinity, then use actual data to make observations about the ocean at different depths.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Pair pupils for graphing activities and have them give one another feedback during the process
  • Compare the salinity measurements taken by the Okeanos Explorer to salinity measurements in the Dead Sea to give students another perspective on how salt concentration affects the water's other properties
Classroom Considerations
  • Demonstrate salinity if the class is not familiar with the property
  • Discuss chemosynthetic organisms and compare and contrast them with photosynthetic organisms prior to beginning the lesson
  • Introduces young learners to a variety of technologies and their uses in ocean exploration
  • Extensions provided in the teacher's guide allow you to take the lesson further and provide extra layers of detail to the class
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