What Happens at the Edge of the Universe?

The cosmic even horizon of the universe is closer to us than the particle horizon. Space Time's Cosmology playlist tackles this and other complex concepts about the universe. The video discusses how the scientists define the edge of the universe and what we know and don't know about it. The video incorporates relativity as well as other—so far less proven—theories.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • After watching the video, have scholars write what they believe is at the edge of the universe based on what they learned
Classroom Considerations
  • Preview the video, due to the use of words not generally acceptable in the classroom, to decide if it is appropriate for your pupils
  • Relies on prior knowledge of the size of the universe and the CMB, both topics covered in other videos in the series
  • Includes subtitles in seven languages for ELLs
  • Works well in traditional or flipped classrooms
  • None