What Does It Take to Be a Peacebuilder?

Is the spirit of peacebuilding already inside you? Scholars take a closer look at the characteristics of peacebuilders, past and present, in lesson 13 of a 15-part series. Individuals identify common traits of peacebuilders, then work with a group to focus on the accomplishments of one notable person with a passion for peace.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have a variety of craft supplies on hand to make poster board projects eye-catching, then display the posters around the school
  • Give groups the option of discovering their own peacebuilder, or provide options from the included list

Classroom Considerations
  • Student groups of three to four need Internet access to research their peacebuilders
  • The Peacebuilder Quiz is an effective way to demonstrate that ordinary people can do extraordinary things in peacekeeping
  • Pupils benefit from exposure to a wide variety of peacebuilders in a short period of time
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