Water Cycle

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Be water wise! Science scholars learn the water cycle on a global scale in part seven of a 13-installment series. The hands-on interactive allows them to explore Earth's water storage, types of precipitation, and the cycling of water through phase changes. Other activities include weather events that impact the water cycle and human actions that are having a negative impact around the globe.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use Explore the Water Cycle to help pupils create a graphic organizer or model
  • Tie in geography by having grops identify weather-related disasters nearby and assessing the possible impacts the events made on their communities
Classroom Considerations
  • Do a quick assessment of your class' knowledge of phase changes prior to using the resource
  • Individuals need computer access to complete the interactive
  • The interactive allows learners to build their knowledge of the water cycle a layer at a time
  • Resource includes all printable materials 
  • None