Warm Ups & Cool Downs for Children

This Warm Ups & Cool Downs for Children activity & project also includes:

What makes an effective warm-up and cool-down activity? as well as tips for leading stretches. Find detailed activity plans, as well as tips for leading stretches, for elementary school, tag-based games (including one game called "Toilet Tag"), warm-up games, and team activities in a all-in-one PE reference! 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Once kids have learned the warm-ups by name, give a student the chance to be the "PE Teacher for the Day", allowing him or her to choose and lead the warm-up
Classroom Considerations

  • The introduction to the resource includes information why warm-up and stretches are important and about factors that influence the choice of activity

  • Many activities are described in detail
  • Safety considerations are included

  • None