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Come and play with the long a, touch your knees with the long e, and learn the vowel sounds with these worksheets that were made for you, with the long u! This resource offers a fun way to help youngsters grasp the sounds that long vowel letters make.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Using repetition exercises with long vowel sounds, explain to kids that long vowels say the actual name of the letter in the word
  • Move your arms in the shape of the vowels while reciting them out loud and have students cheer along, example: "Give me an A!"
  • Make dotted letter formations on lined notebook paper so young ones can trace the vowels
Classroom Considerations
  • Directions will need to be read aloud to young learners
  • Pre-handwriting skills are helpful
  • Handwriting skills and long vowel skills practice in one worksheet
  • Great reinforcement of vowel skills that includes helpful vowel rules
  • None