Fascinated with the concept of good and evil, Voltaire formed his main character from the eponymous Candide, the most widely read text of the European Enlightenment. Learn more about Voltaire's life, beliefs, writing, and influence with a biographical video, including an interesting detail about his lack of participation in creating his most well-known quote.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Show in an AP history class when discussing French Enlightenment thinkers
  • Have learners watch the video after a reading of Candide
Classroom Considerations

  • Animation is engaging, but may be distracting for those with short attention spans, as there are a lot of images in each scene
  • Best suited for upper high school classes
  • Video is 12 minutes long and dense with material

  • Provides important information and perspective about the life of Voltaire
  • Includes prominent quotes from Voltaire's writing that summarize his worldview, including écrasez L'infâme, or "crush the despicable"
  • Addresses the humor of Voltaire's writing

  • None