Unit Plan

Victorian Historians

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This Victorian Historians unit plan also includes:

Take the class back in time to the Victorian Era! The resource provides a plethora of activities that create experiences for scholars in class. Some activities include a fun fair, viewing the starry-night painting, and even experiencing a Victorian sweet shop.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Before beginning the activities, teach learners pre-knowledge about the Victorian Era or use the activities as a way to review at the end of a unit
  • Differentiate for GATE by assigning them to create their own Victorian-Era activities
Classroom Considerations
  • Some activities may be more appropriate and interesting for certain age groups more than others; review before using the resource
  • Includes a wide array of activities that easily work for different events (such as the holiday season or right before summer break), as well as for different learning styles
  • Keeps pupils actively engaged in learning and makes Victorian Era history more memorable
  • None