Veterans Day | All About the Holidays

A quick video details the history of Veterans Day. Viewers discover how the holiday came to be, dating back to 1918 when it was known as Armistice Day, and how it has evolved to the holiday we celebrate currently. A question challenges scholars to reflect on the veterans in their lives and how they show their appreciation. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Play the video before the school observes the holiday, direct learners to take notes, jot down questions, and write a brief reflection on what they saw 
  • Send the link home for pupils to watch with their family members on the actual holiday, create a blog post that they can visit and answer a question once the video is complete 
Classroom Considerations
  • Veterans Day takes place on November 11th
  • A diverse population is represented throughout the video 
  • The narrator speaks at a decent rate
  • Includes eye-catching graphics and fun sound effects
  • None