Using Models to Understand Cellular Respiration

This Using Models to Understand Cellular Respiration activity & project also includes:

New Review

Energize biologists with colorful images in an activity that captivates the imagination while demystifying the subject of cellular respiration. Participants build comprehension skills and access core content knowledge by analyzing text and images about cellular respiration and mitochondria structure and function. Scholars complete short discussion questions, charts, and label scientific diagrams during their investigation.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Group scientists in pairs while completing worksheet questions
  • Assign a KWL chart after pupils complete the worksheet to assess understanding and clarify conceptual misconceptions
  • Have investigators work collaboratively to design games about cellular respiration for use as review tools
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior to beginning, class members must complete an activity referenced in teacher notes
  • Request key by email available in teacher notes
  • Introduces biologists to conceptual models as learning tools for complex scientific concepts
  • Uses detailed images to break components into manageable parts
  • Perfect for remote learning
  • Lacks video or interactive animations to further clarify ideas and increase engagement