Using Map Scales to Figure Distances and Areas

The asteroid is getting closer and the question is whether the state of Alabraska is large enough for the shelter calculated in the previous activity. Teams determine the scale of their project and then use the scale on the map to determine distances and areas. Finally, individuals must determine whether the state of Alabraska is big enough for the shelter. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use a local map and determine distances using the scale of the map
  • Have teams make scale drawings of their shelters using the scale of the map
Classroom Considerations
  • Familiarity with length, width, and area will benefit pupils
  • The third in a series of eight activities
  • The activity includes extensions about other scaling tasks your class can do
  • The worksheet also comes as a docx file, which allows for easier modifications
  • To determine the estimated area of Alabraska, learners must find it using the rectangle formula rather than estimate the area using tiling, which would give a better estimate
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