Unit Plan

American Diplocmacy in World War II

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The end of World War II saw the world deeply changed over the last few years. Four thorough lessons explore post-war Europe, America, and Asia through reading assignments and discussion questions about the Grand Alliance and the signing of the Declaration of the United Nations, how the Allied powers were ultimately able to win the war, and the effects of the war in China and Japan—as well as the future of Western imperialism in Southeast Asia.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate knowledge of how the Great Depression in the United States impacted American foreign policy 
Classroom Considerations
  • Limit group size to three or four 
  • Three-part lesson (remember if using same groups each day, have materials for each group ready to go)
  • Assumes prior knowledge of US involvement in World War II
  • Includes PDF printables for entire lesson
  • Excellent opportunities at extension of the lesson into individual presidents (Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower) 
  • Table of Documents available in chronological order for teacher use
  • None