Unit 3: Organising Your Emails

This Unit 3: Organising Your Emails unit also includes:

Inbox out of control? Let's clean it up! Learners explore the components of an e-mail system during the third lesson in a series of nine that focus on career education and skills. After reading a short passage, individuals identify the correct item or term to describe the tools available to sort e-mails.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Include examples of spam or junk e-mail to help pupils practice identifying potentially harmful messages
  • After everyone finishes, pose an e-mail scenario and ask them to write down what steps to take in that situation
Classroom Considerations

  • Briefly discuss the term spam before scholars begin the lesson
  • Internet access is a must for the activity

  • Simple text makes the lesson perfect for English learners
  • The interactive is easy to manipulate 

  • None