Understand a Fraction as a Number on a Number Line

This Understand a Fraction as a Number on a Number Line lesson plan also includes:

Piece by piece young scholars build a basic understanding of fractions in a Common Core-designed elementary math lesson. Through a series of hands-on activities and journaling exercises, and with the help of multiple online resources, your class will quickly learn how to identify fractions on number lines and represent them with visual models.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform this lesson after introducing the class to the concept of fractions
  • Be sure to model how to complete each whole group activity before asking students to participate
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson calls for the use of a SMART Board, but a computer hooked up to a projector will work as well
  • If computers and/or tablet devices are not available in your classroom, schedule time in the computer lab so students can complete the technology activities
  • Though designed to take place over four days, the timing of this lesson can be adjusted to fit your own class schedule
  • A pre-assessment is provided which serves as a guide when grouping students during the lesson
  • Offers a teacher reference with activities for differentiating instruction
  • Two different rubrics are provided for assessing learning 
  • None