Twelfth Night

Scholars experience Shakespeare's, Twelfth Night, with an engaging interactive. After watching the story, six activities extend the learning experience. Topics include characters, vocabulary, a sequence of events, comprehension, and response to questions—orally and by writing and drawing.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Support listening comprehension—print the story for learners to follow along with as they watch the video
  • To answer section six's questions, attach a sheet of paper, post the questions on a classroom blog, or conduct a grand conversation 
  • Have copies and the link readily available for class members to begin working on the interactive as a center or May Do activity 
Classroom Considerations
  • An interactive is the fifth of seven resources in a series all about Shakespeare
  • Participants require a digital learning device as well as writing and drawing tools for activities printed on paper 
  • Although designed for language learners, the interactive is appropriate for all pupils
  • The lesson can be completed either online or on paper 
  • The worksheet is well formatted—organized and easy to follow 
  • Character flashcards are provided 
  • None