Travis the Train Visits the Beach

Part of a unit on the seasons, in this resource Travis the Train introduces autistic learners to the ocean, beach balls, sand castles, pails, shovels, and sea shells. The final pages review the names of the images included in the lesson.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pages may be printed and laminated, or viewed on a computer or tablet
  • Introduce only one or two images at a time
Classroom Considerations

  • The second in a series of four resources that picture Travis the Train
  • Directions for use with one child are on the last pages of the 18-page resource
  • The resource includes ads for materials that may be purchased; however, no purchase is necessary to take advantage of the resource

  • The background photo of the beach is the same on all the pages
  • Only one object is included on each page

  • None