Travis the Train Visits a Castle

On this visit, Travis the Train learns about the different parts of a castle. Some of the pages features photos of actual castles, others are photos of toy castles or drawings of castles.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Introduce only one or two pages at a time
  • The pages may be printed and laminated, or loaded on a computer or tablet
Classroom Considerations

  • The fourth in a series of four resources that feature Travis the Train
  • The first pages contain instructions on how to use the resource with individual kids
  • The resource includes links to materials available for purchase; however, no purchase is necessary to take advantage of the resource
  • Part of a series of activities on knights and castles

  • Only one word is featured on each page
  • Links are also provided to related videos

  • The fact that background photos change and some of the pages show real castles while others are toys or drawings may be stressful or confusing for some learners