Travis the Train Coin Songs

This Travis the Train Coin Songs presentation also includes:

Travis the Train is hauling pennies this time. Kids sing the captions as they view the face side then the back side of a shiny new penny, and then the face and back of a tarnished penny.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print and laminate the pages or load them on a computer or tablet
Classroom Considerations

  • Part of a series of resources designed for learners with autism that feature Travis the Train
  • The resource includes ads for materials for purchase; however, no purchase is necessary to take advantage of the activity
  • Links to additional presentations featuring nicklels, dimes, and quarters, as well as a game that includes all coins, are included

  • The same image of Travis The Train and the same caption are pictured on each page against a plain background
  • Page one shows the face of a real copper penny, the second shows the back side of a real penny, the third page shows a tarnished penny, and the final page features a new caption

  • None