Lesson Plan

Transformation Lab

Transform your class' understanding of genes and antibiotic resistance with the Transformation Lab. Junior geneticists create and observe their own resistant strains of E. coli through research, discussion, and experimentation. The addition of a bioluminescent gene to the bacteria allows for easy data collection and interpretation.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the extensions involving bioethics to add an additional discussion element to the lesson
  • Have learners research pharm animals, livestock raised to produce medicines through genetic engineering
Classroom Considerations
  • The amount of time for the activity will vary based upon the temperature at which the bacteria are being cultured
  • Check with the class to determine if any students have antibiotic allergies and prepare an alternate assignment for any students that do
  • The lab is written to encompass a wide variety of standards, including AP Biology
  • Teacher's guide includes printable materials, answer keys, and ideas for assessment
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