Lesson Plan

The Tobacco Economy: How did the Geography of the Chesapeake Region Influence its Development?

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Explore the relationship between geography and economy using primary sources. After examining wills, advertisements, and other primary sources, individuals consider how the Chesapeake Region came to be home first to indentured servants, and then enslaved Africans, to grow its primary crop—tobacco. Writing prompts allow for assessment following the primary source investigation.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Offer the activity as a multi-day primary source analysis project
Classroom Considerations
  • Documents use insensitive language
  • Primary sources include details of enslavement that may be distressing to some pupils
  • Activities introduce primary sources to young learners
  • Resource allows for multiple angles of the Chesapeake region's history to be covered
  • Classroom procedure is elaborate and may be confusing to navigate
  • Document length and vocabulary may be too advanced for many learners
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