The Tempest: Vocabulary Bingo

This The Tempest: Vocabulary Bingo activity & project also includes:

Bingo! Practice vocabulary from William Shakespeare's The Tempest with a fun matching game. As you call out the definitions, class members mark the new vocabulary words that match and try to get five in a row.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide the vocabulary definitions for readers to practice beforehand, or have class members copy each word and definition as it comes up in the text
  • Laminate the bingo cards to use with multiple classes
  • For the bingo markers, provide pictures of prominent symbols or characters from the play, or have readers create their own markers with images from the play
Classroom Considerations
  • Provides only one example and no template
  • Encourages readers to think about the unfamiliar words in the play
  • Provides vocabulary that occurs more than once in the text, allowing readers to build on prior knowledge
  • No template for the cards is included
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