The Spy Will Try Not to Cry

Learn all about the exploits of a sly spy from the short poem included on this resource. The poem, intended to provide practice with long /i/ words that use the letter y, is paired with three reading comprehension questions for pupils to answer.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask learners to circle every word that includes a long /i/ sound with a y
  • Read the poem out loud as a whole class or in small groups to experience the full effect of all the long /i/ words
  • Have students underline or highlight the answers to the questions in the text before they compose their responses
Classroom Considerations

  • Make sure to be clear to learners that they focus is on long /i/ words that use the letter y, and not just -ly or -ry words

  • There are many examples of the long /i/ sound in the poem for kids to identify and practice
  • Handwriting lines are provided to support learners as the write responses to the reading questions

  • Answers are not included; however, they should be easy to determine