Lesson Plan

The Power of Images

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One picture but a thousand stories. As a part of a case study of how the death of Michael Brown was reported by professional news sources and on social media class members examine the reactions of various groups to a photograph taken by photojournalist David Carson. Individuals then are asked to select an image to accompany a front page news story reporting on events of the night of August 10 and to explain the rationale for their choice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Bring in copies of a variety of newspapers from the same day, post the front pages, and have class members consider the similarities and differences in the headlines and images
Classroom Considerations
  • The seventh in an 11-resource case study of the social media and professional news reporting of the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer
  • Review the class contract for respectful discussions before beginning the lesson
  • The packet includes a teacher's guide that details a strategy for teaching learners how to critically analyze an image
  • Links to all required materials are included in the packet
  • None