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The Media and the War: The Penny Press, Walt Whitman and the War

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The Mexican-American war marked a significant moment in United States history, as well as in the history of American media. The mid-nineteenth century saw the introduction of the Penny Press, which provided many American citizens with daily updates on the war—for only a penny. Explore the role of the media and noted editorials by Walt Whitman during this era with a history activity and accompanying worksheet.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners watch the video at home and come to class prepared for discussion
  • Incorporate into a journalism class when discussing the role of media, or connect to a social studies class during a unit on the Mexican-American War
Classroom Considerations
  • Video clip is no longer available, but could be easily substituted with another video on the same topic (and can be found elsewhere online)
  • Consider augmenting the lesson with additional reference material that may be more updated since its publication
  • Provides links to various reference sites for extension opportunities
  • Objectives are clear and connected to assessments
  • Comes with a Spanish version of the lesson plan and auxiliary resources
  • None