The Little Red Hen: A Tale of Cooperation

This The Little Red Hen: A Tale of Cooperation activity & project also includes:

Ensure that your kids don't even consider saying "Not me!" when it comes time to read by engaging them in this set of lesson plans based around "The Little Red Hen." The class reads the story together before starting in on additional activities. The culminating project is a class mural, or visual storyline, that requires individuals to work together, retell the story, and tap into their art skills.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use this during a unit based around folktales and morals
  • If a class mural is now quite right for your class, you can have individuals or pairs create their own illustrations of an important event in the story
Classroom Considerations

  • The plan refers to a video on-demand version of "The Little Red Hen," but it's not clear which version that is; simply search YouTube for the many different video options your pupils can view

  • Comes with a chart for students to add to when expressing their opinion on whether the little red hen did the right thing
  • Over the course of the plans, pupils read the story multiple times, work with others, and have fun with reading and retelling stories

  • None