The Ideal Gas Law

Can you crush a soda can using only the air around you? Use an engaging video to teach about the relationship between pressure, volume, moles, and temperature of a given gas, all done with the Ideal Gas Law.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Repeat the demonstration at 6:15 in the video either as a demonstration or as a lab activity supported with discussion questions
  • Use video as an introduction to gas laws or to support knowledge learned after using the ideal gas law in class
  • If using as an introduction, show video before giving direct instruction to support video for five minutes; have stations set up around the room, each supporting the ideal gas law through short experiments or problems to solve
Classroom Considerations
  • Need a computer, Internet access, and a projection system
  • Assumes the learner understands pressure, volume, temperature, and moles, and that they can calculate for an unknown
  • Video has a simple demonstration at 6:15 which can be repeated in the classroom to further facilitate discussion
  • Simple and engaging video to teach Ideal Gas Laws
  • Dialogue in the video is witty and quick, which engages high school learners
  • None
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