The Greatest President

Who is the greatest US president? George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? FDR? Find out the opinions of your young historians with this cross-curricular writing prompt that engages them in researching the accomplishments of these influential world leaders.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include this writing prompt as an in-class assignment during an upper-elementary unit on opinion/persuasive writing
  • Offer this writing exercise as an extension activity during a social studies unit on the United States government
  • As additional support, provide your class with graphic organizers for taking notes and structuring their writing
Classroom Considerations
  • Adjust the complexity of this writing task to meet the abilities of students across the upper-elementary and middle school grade levels
  • Gather reference materials from your school or local public library for students to use when researching presidents
  • Guiding questions are provided that help direct students' research and writing
  • Depending on children's handwriting, enough space is provided for one or two paragraphs
  • None