The Federal Reserve System - Quick Overview

Ready to watch the fastest overview of the Fed you've ever seen? Mr. Clifford has got you covered. As an introduction to other videos in which he explains the Fed in greater detail, economics instructor Mr. Clifford provides an amusing and engaging hook to further instructional videos on how the Fed regulates the nation's banks and conducts monetary policy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Present this video prior to studying the Federal Reserve in greater detail as a pre-assessment, and see if students can recognize any of the terms that are mentioned (i.e.monetary policy, bonds, money supply, consumption, open market, etc.)
Classroom Considerations
  • To watch the next videos in the series, click on the appropriate button in YouTube to forward to the next episode: 4.7 The Money Market
  • Highly engaging
  • Well produced, modern video
  • Speaker moves very quickly—not intended to be a stand-alone video
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