The Economics of Dallas Buyers Club

How do entrepreneurship and crony capitalism intersect with federal regulation and the Food and Drug Administration in Dallas Buyers Club? This is a fascinating video that covers a wealth of economic concepts while referencing the recent motion picture. This would be an excellent addition to your curriculum toolbox.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • This video has the potential to prompt several good discussions and/or research topics: How does international trade foster humanitarian efforts and social welfare? What are some modern examples of crony capitalism? How extensive is the influence of special interest groups on the FDA?
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that the Dallas Buyers Club film is rated R; this resource includes clips from the film that are fairly safe for mature learners, but please review prior to showing to ensure it is appropriate for your class
  • Wide range of economic topics included
  • Entertaining, insightful video clip
  • Explanations are clear and thorough
  • None
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