Lesson Plan

The Color of Law: Developing the White Middle Class

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The final lesson in the "Color of Law" series explores the government's discriminatory economic policies. Young scholars watch videos, read primary source materials, and examine images to gather information. They discuss how what they have learned "challenge(s) their understanding of income, employment, and inequality."

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Set up learning stations for the "The Color of Law" excerpts, provide groups with different colored sticky notes, have groups post their questions and comments at the stations, then use these notes to guide the discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Final lesson in the three-part "The Color of Law" series
  • Projection device needed for the videos
  • Copies are required
  • A listening guide with discussion questions is provided for the videos
  • Links detail the various learning strategies used in the lesson
  • None