The Coat Got Soaked on the Boat

This silly story of a family, their pet goat, a coat, and boat will capture your pupils' attention as they work on the long /o/ sound, the oa digraph, and reading comprehension.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids read the poem out loud to one another or as a class to practice the sounds and to get the full effect of this silly poem
  • Ask learners to highlight or underline the sections that hold the answers to the reading comprehension questions
  • Use this in a center or station
  • Assign this for homework or as a starter
Classroom Considerations

  • You may wish to use this resource alongside other related resources, since there isn't too much to it

  • While somewhat absurd, the short poem is just silly enough to keep kids entertained
  • The provided handwriting lines will assist students as they work on writing correctly

  • Answers are not included