That’s An Otter Story

Young scientists discover how sea otters' habitats have changed due to human impact. Through conversation, video observation, and story reading, scholars identify how human interactions change a specific ecosystem in both positive and negative ways. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Direct pupils to support one another during the reading portion of the lesson
  • Allow learners to work in heterogeneous groups based on reading levels 
  • Brainstorm ways the class can help balance the ecosystem and plan a field trip, such as a beach clean-up, so they can actively do their part to keep animals and their homes safe
  • Encourage class members to visit the school library or search the Internet for additional information about sea otters 
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of a 17-item unit designed to inform learners about ecosystems 
  • Specific locations related to the California coast are mentioned 
  • Provides notes to make lesson administration easier 
  • Includes sentence frames