Telescope as Time Machine

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This resource provides an explanation of NASA's GALEX mission and how the space-based telescope can view distant galaxies as they were billions of years ago. The resource also discusses the other aspects of galaxies that GALEX is able to observe using UV light. The unit concludes with a crossword puzzle and word search using vocabulary relevant to the study of galaxies.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a reinforcement to the vocabulary words in a space science unit
  • Have pupils come up with other clues for the crosswords that are either definitions or display scientific knowledge
Classroom Considerations
  • Many assume that a light-year is a measure of time and not of distance; be sure instructions about what is being measured are clear
  • The GALEX mission ended in 2012, so some of the information in the lesson is dated
  • The resource provides an explanation of the different types of galaxies
  • The explanation of red-shift is easily understood
  • The word search is about finding patterns and not learning the word
  • The crossword clues are more than just definitions and important scientific knowledge, so participants might not know what is being asked