Talking Safety

This Talking Safety unit also includes:

Chances are, many of the teens in your class have jobs or want to have jobs in the near future. Educate them about the hazards and emergencies that could occur in various workplaces with a set of lessons published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which include worksheets, discussion questions, role-play activities, and assessments.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a teen issues class or health unit when discussing after school jobs
  • Host a seminar for kids with jobs, in which they complete different parts of the lessons and learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Bring the reading passages to a language arts class when focusing on informational text
Classroom Considerations

  • Each lesson includes a video segment from a DVD titled Teen Workers: Real Jobs, Real Risks; you can find clips of the videos on the CDC website as well as other video sites online

  • Prompts kids to discuss real-world problems in the context of a classroom
  • Emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers
  • Provides materials and teaching tips for each section

  • None