Sunlight Is Way Older than You Think

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Light travels fast... really fast. But that doesn't mean it moves instantly from its source to whatever object it hits. After watching this video students will understand that once generated in the sun's core, light takes thousands of years to reach its surface as it ricochets around off of the protons making up the different layers.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Add this video to a physics unit on electromagnetic radiation or an astronomy lesson on the sun
  • Create a note-taking guide for students to fill in as they watch the video
  • Assign this video and brief assessment as homework and flip your physics classroom
Classroom Considerations
  • Video assumes students have prior knowledge about the electromagnetic spectrum and the structure of atoms
  • Colorful animations engage viewers and visually support the content being explained
  • Included with the video is a brief assessment with five multiple choice and three free response questions
  • The TEDEd website allows teachers to design their own lessons based on the video
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