Subduction Zones

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Sink into an interactive learning experience about subduction zones! Junior oceanographers examine the earth-shaking and earth-making effects of subduction in the fourth installment in a 13-part series. Hands-on activities include graphing with a bathymetric map, interpreting bathymetric maps, and a close examination of the Mariana Arc.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pair learners to research the locations of large amounts of gold, silver, and other precious resources, then have them relate these locations to nearby subduction zones
  • Use the critical thinking question as a writing assignment or in-class discussion topic
Classroom Considerations

  • Schedule time in your school's computer lab or library so individuals can complete the activity
  • Some prior knowledge of the basic types of plate movement is helpful for comparison

  • Bathymetric map exercises are colorful, well explained, and use several different skills at once
  • Teachers can easily print the lesson, as well as all related materials, to accommodate different types of assessment

  • None