Study Jams! Weathering & Erosion

This Study Jams! Weathering & Erosion interactive also includes:

RJ argues that playing the video game, Super Duo Breaker and Whoosh, is a good way to study for a quiz on weathering and erosion. The game character Mr. Breaker breaks things down and the character Mr. Whoosh carries them away in the same way that weathering and erosion work together to change Earth's surface. Physical and chemical weathering are also introduced in the dialogue. Short and to the point, this clip would be an engaging addition to your lesson on Earth's processes.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable

  • Adaptable to Next Generation Science Standards in earth science
  • An online multiple-choice quiz is embedded on the website
  • Important vocabulary terms are defined on the main page
  • Links to other related resources by Scholastic, Inc. are provided
  • Cute and clever animation that is engaging to upper-elementary schoolers

  • None