Study Jams! Sedimentary Rocks

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Fascinating photos of sedimentary rocks and formations supply a brief overview for your geology class. By viewing these slides, learners discover that sedimentary rocks are made of tiny bits of rock, dirt, or shell that have settled, usually in layers, and compacted together. They also learn that several types, such as limestone and sandstone, are used as building materials. Finally, they find that fossils are often found in sedimentary deposits. Alone, this presentation is lacking; but used with the publisher's presentations on metamorphic and igneous rocks and their video on the rock cycle, you will have a more complete overview.

146 Views 110 Downloads NGSS: Adaptable
  • Colorful, high-quality photographs support informative captions
  • Links to presentations on other rock types provided
  • A karaoke sing-along teaches the basics of the rock cycle
  • Test Yourself quiz can be used as an assessment
  • Content is lacking as a stand-alone resource, but can be used alongside others by the same publisher