Study Jams! A Day on Earth

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It's good thing that it isn't up to RJ to spin the earth on its axis; he can't even keep a basketball spinning! In this video animation, he and viewers learn about Earth's movements in space. One thing to consider before you use this resource; however, is the use of the word rotation. Here it is applied to both Earth's journey around the sun and its turning on it's axis. Most earth and space science teachers use rotate for turning on the axis and revolve for a planet's orbit around the sun. Also be aware that in the printed summary at the end of the film, it says that "Earth's rotation around the sun produces day and night," which is incorrect. Rotation on its axis is what creates this phenomenon. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Explains seasons in addition to days
  • Preteen-friendly animation
  • Test Yourself assessment quiz included along with vocabulary 
  • Doesn't apply the standard use of the term rotation
  • Definition for seasons is vague