Lesson Plan

Stereotypes vs. Statistics (Grades 4-8)

This Stereotypes vs. Statistics (Grades 4-8) lesson plan also includes:

Stereotypes can be painful if they are used to discriminate against others. Statistics, however, can be helpful in dispelling myths propagated by stereotypes. Using a thoughtful lesson plan, scholars complete graphic organizers and analyze statistics to differentiate between ethnic stereotypes and statistical evidence.  

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Instructional Ideas
  • Implement the lesson as a part of a unit on immigration or during Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Use as a prompt for pupil-led discussions on assimilation and acceptance of others
  • Have the class share times when they have felt left out and how they felt as a result
Classroom Considerations
  • The theme of immigration may be a difficult subject for some to discuss
  • Combining the graphs into one PowerPoint presentation may make the information easier to present 
  • Graphic organizer is a great worksheet to use with the large amount of statistical data provided in the lesson plan
  • Lesson includes an optional hands-on project
  • None