Squeebles Addition & Subtraction

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The math monster is at it again, this time stealing all the cars and drivers that were to take part in the cart race. If their addition and subtraction facts are up to the challenge, young mathematicians can win the drivers' freedom and play in the big cart race. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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App Overview

Squeebles Addition & Subtraction is another app in the Squeebles series of apps that encourage fluency in basic math operations. As with most of these apps, young mathematicians are rewarded for successful math practice. They earn badges that are needed to unlock the game. Here, they earn stars to trade in for Squeebles carts. Getting a certain number of total questions right earns your Squeebles' rescue. Once players earn a cart and a Squeeble to drive it, they can play in the cart race.  

Practice Modes:

  • Addition
    • Beginner: Answers up to 10
    • Medium: Answers up to 20
    • Hard: Answers from 20 to 100
    • Very hard: Answers over 100
  • Subtraction
    • Beginner: Numbers up to 10
    • Medium: Numbers to 20
    • Hard: Numbers 20 to 100
    • Very Hard: Numbers over 100
  • Random (both + and -)
  • Fill in the Gaps: Fill numbers in an equation  Ex. 13 + __ = 17
  • My tricky questions: Questions the player got wrong previously.

Player Setting:

  • Display countdown clock
  • Language type: UK English or US English
  • Difficulty levels: Allows you to lock levels (Beginner, Medium, Hard, Very Hard)
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Instructional Ideas
  • The difficulty levels can be used to help more beginning students feel successful and challenge advanced learners
  • Have players save all their earned carts and Squeebles for a big addition & subtraction race day. Players can form small groups to compete with each other and then put up the best cart from their team to race against other teams. 
Classroom Considerations
  • Use the setting part of this app to cover specific grades for the Common Core State Standards
  • Players settings can be be changed since no passcode necessary
  • This app has a cute, engaging style. The number pad is large and easy to use for young learners. 
  • Correct answers and incorrect answers are acknowledged with both a visual notice and musical sound (if using a headset). These messages and tones are positive and encouraging to the players 
  • There is no scratch space to work out a problem with larger numbers
  • This app is missing detailed progress reports making it difficult to track specific areas of learner progress